Toronto glass sandblasting

Toronto Glass Sandblasting

Automated glass sandblasting is better and faster way to get your glass sandblasted. GlassGo Sandblasting (c) is geared to provide local companies with speedy glass sandblasting services. The current waiting period for those wanting to sandblast their glass is 4-6 weeks. GlassGo Sandblasting will transform the industry landscape by offering faster turnaround and more affordable rates.

Glass Sandblasting – the Ideal Way to Make any Room or Office Look Incredible

In a world where standardization becomes the norm, we all look for ways to stand out from the crowd and leave our mark. When it comes to interior or exterior design, things are even more so. Yes, you can do a lot of impressive things with normal glass or stainless steel. They can even be unique. But their will rarely be as personalized as sandblasted glass.

Glass sandblasting is the surest way to personalize any space, from an office to a room or a small vase. Yes, everything is possible using our Toronto glass sandblasting services!

But first, let’s learn more about what this process entails and what makes it so spectacular.

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a blanket term that describes etching or cleaning of a surface by very fine bits of material propelled at high velocity. Most commonly, blasting is done with sand, hence the name, but other materials (like steel grit, walnut shells or copper slag) can also be used.

Sandblasting carries a significant associated risk – that of inhaling dust during the process. This is why protective gear has to be worn (especially when sandblasting is done by hand). An alternate air supply and good ventilation are also crucial.

What Is Glass Sandblasting?

Also known as glass etching, glass sandblasting encompasses all the techniques that you can use to create art on glass. Typically, an acidic, a caustic or an abrasive substance is used to that end.

However, sandblasting is the preferred method of glass etching. This is the only method that can produce a clear, prominent pattern on glass.

You must have already seen sandblasted glass in or around Toronto, even though you didn’t know its proper name. The aspect of frosted glass, the rough surface, or the various models etched into it are all done using this technique. When using a powerful glass sandblasting machine, the sky is your limit. You can obtain any pattern you want on various types of glass.

This is the main reason why glass sandblasting services are the best way to personalize any interior. From your company’s logo to a portrait or an intricate, unique pattern, you can etch anything you want.

One of the biggest advantages of glass sandblasting is the very low maintenance requirements. Printed logos that stick to surface can peel off in time. Signage or house number can be deteriorated by extreme weather – very high or very low temperatures. On the other hand, any artwork done through the glass sandblasting technique can withstand the test of time without losing its appeal.

All you have to do is wipe the fingerprints with a cloth and make sure not to stain it. However, even that can be solved with a protective coat. This way, you can enjoy complete freedom around your favorite piece of artwork in your home or office.

How Sandblasting Works

All glass sandblasters work on the same basic principles: very fine grains of silica sand are used to clean, abrade and etch a glass surface. In order to achieve that, an air-powered pressure gun is used to fire the sand at a very high speed and impact the surface you want etched.

In other words, sand is used to remove a very fine layer from the surface of the glass. This gives it both its translucent look and its rough surface.

All sandblaster use one or more pressurized guns. They are endowed with a barrel made of ceramic (or at least an interior coating) which prevents it from eroding in time.

What Is an Automated Sandblasting Machine?

An automated sandblasting machine replaces the laborious and error-prone process of sandblasting glass by hand. Such a machine uses the pressurized pistols described above to create the desired pattern.

The advantages of using an automated sandblasting machine instead of sandblasting by hand are numerous:

  • The automated process is much faster
  • The chances of error are slim to none
  • You can replicate the exact same pattern on countless pieces of glass (ideal for companies who want to personalize their office or even small giveaways)
  • The final result looks flawless and professional

In order to offer excellent Toronto glass sandblasting services, we made sure that we have the best ally on our side. The GlassBlaster M180 is a state-of-the-art automated sandblasting machine that is endowed with two automated guns and a manual one.

Even more, it can sandblast up to one square meter in as little as three minutes. This machine allows us to work with glass panels that are as tall as 180 cm.

The GlassBlaster M180 is one of the most powerful automatic sandblasters. Aside from its impressive speed, the machine also ensures precise glass etching and flawless decorating.

Looking for Toronto Glass Sandblasting Services?

Congratulations, you have come to the right place! Our extensive expertise in glass sandblasting and dealing with the most demanding interior and exterior designs recommend us as Toronto’s top choice for glass etching and more.

Here are a few things our skilled team can help you with:

  • Entrance doors
  • Reception desks and counters
  • Glass signage
  • Corporate logos
  • Door panels in various sizes and shapes
  • Shower panels in various sizes and shapes
  • Home or office partitions or glass walls
  • House numbers

We can sandblast any pattern, silhouette, decorative artwork or logo onto any type of glass surface – mirrors included. When you work with us, you have to pose no limits to your imagination!

Our Toronto glass sandblasting services also include applying a protective coating to etched glass. This permanent and non-stick layer ensures the fact that no fingerprints will be visible on your sandblasted glass and that no stains will stick to it.

With our sandblasting services, you can embellish your home with a tasteful and unique glass mirror, your office with stunning partitions or your stairway with stylish panels.

Need something that is not on the list above? No problem! We’re very flexible and we love a challenge. Give us a call or drop us a line. We’d be happy to discuss your sandblasting project!

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